A little bit about why I do what I do!

Sometimes things just literally fall in your lap!

When I first heard of Lightroom, it was because my friends hyped it up so much. I downloaded it and let me tell you... it gave me HELL. I stopped using it because it was just too confusing for me. And I LOVE taking and editing pictures, so for me to not like an app that's sole purpose was those things... strange.

Slowly, I started to get back into it- because I'm the type of person that once I start something I have to know everything. Still, I would have never, ever, ever seen myself selling presets for an app that I used to strongly dislike. But, as I started to grasp it more and more- and as a college student in a sorority seeing preset after preset on my Instagram feed- I finally decided to buy one and guess what- I hated it and never used it again.

So that leads me to my point here, I wanted to make a preset that would be easy for me to adjust to each picture and that would not be too harsh or too dull. I finally did it and it was all I used for quite a while. People would ask me what I used to edit my pictures and I would tell them that I just play around in Lightroom.

Then I got the crazy idea to sell them. So I saved all the variations of the preset I used and sold that as "Bright". My very first listing. I was SO excited and my first few sales came along immediately.

The listing was up for about an hour before I realized that my file did NOT work as a preset file. I was mortified. I immediately took down the listing and started working on figuring it out. I thought it was a small issue somewhere down the line that could be easily corrected. It took 3 months for me to finally get it right. But I kept on running from there.

A lot has changed since then. I now have a full shop with more on the way and I am made more proud every single day.

What inspires me the most is hearing the feedback and seeing beautiful pictures with my presets on them. You are all apart of my daily life and I feel grateful to share it with you!

I have a vision for this little shop of mine and I appreciate every single one of you for joining me on this journey.

I am excited for the things to come.

Thank you.

With much, much love,

Alexa Groat